Types of People I Like to Work With

Everyone has their own way of working-no kidding.

#1) The Work Horse: I have this friend that has the ability to work like a machine. When she starts she just spits out information —————————————————and the stuff she puts down on paper is like in another language. You can’t even understand what is written there because it’s so complicated. There are a lot of  science-y words that just give you a headache. She doesn’t procrastinate; she probably doesn’t even know how. She just works, works, and works…. and if you don’t work as hard, the level of disapproval she can load up in one look is enough to skip even your lunch break. That one look. You will work like your life is dependent on it. This is a really useful partner in any work situation. There is one rule though: she can’t work after 7pm. So what does she do after that? Learn Japanese of course-everyone’s favourite past time.

#2) The Distracted One: This  friend is the one that is really annoying. You work really well together, you come up with amazing ideas, and then when you try to make these ideas come alive? This person gets distracted. You argue over something that doesn’t really matter, but continue to do it anyway because you have to win this argument. You think this person is really funny, this person thinks they are really funny, but the reason behind why they are funny is completely different from yours. See, they think they are funny because they continuously crack silly jokes that they think are funny. I laugh because of how unfunny they actually are. This person then waits for my reaction and expects support in large group situations (because no one else laughs). I support him anyway because he is my friend (and maybe sometimes he-accidentally-says smart things). So here I am trying to work and there he is asking me all these questions…hey do you want to do this instead? Are you sure? No, bad idea, let’s do something else. My response…sir *pause*, sir *pause*, can we please start the project first?

#3) The Next-Level-Genius: This is the person we all envy. She is pretty, charming, funny, wants to travel the world, and tells you all about the upcoming songs, movies, funny youtube videos, critiques everything, and has the best giggle. She is also the biggest procrastinator you have ever met. She will start the assignment not the day before, but the day of, she will study a day before the test pulling an all- nighter. The kicker? When I get my paper back- 80%, after genuine hard work. Her paper? Only 98%!!!

She is also super unorganized; she had this huge binder, where all her papers would be just left inside. When she would open her binder she would place her paper on top of this massive pile of work from all her subjects. When you do any of that, you know what happens? Your parents tell you: oh my, this is an A student? How do you study? Your teachers tell you: you should start your assignments well in advance. You know what I am beginning to think… procrastination is a sign of intelligence (that is if you do it well)! I mean…think about it, if your brain is able to process all that unorganized information in something that makes sense to you in little time without using extra time to practice or learn a skill…then isn’t that a form of intelligence? Teachers should be teaching us that skill (not procrastination, but how to learn more efficiently)!



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