The Phone Call

See, I live on residence, but that doesn’t mean I am free from home. Nope. I have this responsibility where I am supposed to pick up my phone. My phone; don’t even get me started on my phone, I absolutely hate it! The only thing I would actually want to use my phone for is to read books online while I am waiting in line for Tim Hortons.

I become anxious when I receive texts. I give my phone the evil eye for a good 30 seconds before I respond back. I mean I love all my friends, I just hate texting. Then there’s calling (ugh); I can’t even begin to describe how much I don’t like talking on the phone. That being said, do you know what I am expected to do? I am expected to pick up the phone, go to contacts, select HOME and press the call button. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Now here is the other problem. I have an assignment coming up…Ha! When has that ever happened? More like 4. Okay, so I am working diligently away, watching YouTube videos on how not to procrastinate after classes (I’m trying!). Then I look at the blank page for a while….make a plan on how to get work done, and then go back to the YouTube videos (I need inspiration, don’t judge). Then I look at the watch. OH MY GOD! It’s 7 and I haven’t even started the paper, which of course, is due tomorrow. So I am working hard by now, flying through the assignment, and before I know it, the clock strikes 12.  Annnnnnnnnnnd I forgot to call home, again. Sometimes I call at 11 by accident, thinking that it’s 8 or something, and everyone is sleeping. So then I feel guilty; great, I woke everyone up. Good job, super kid.

What happens during the off chance when I actually call home?

Mom picks up the phone,

“Hello, did you finally get time to call us?”

“Mom, I was really busy okay.”

(Sarcastically)“Yes, yes I know you must be very busy. What did you eat today?”

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”


My little sister cuts in,

“You know what sis?”


“The whole point in making a drawing video is to show off your hand. You are supposed to paint your nails. In your last blog, you didn’t paint your nails, that’s all anyone could focus on. Who does that? Oh you know what? I joined dance club, and we are about to work on this project where I am going to research volcanoes…dance is so difficult no one knows what they are doing…volcanoes are creepy. Sowhatdidyoudotoday?”

“Ummm…I worked on psych” (It sounds lame, even to me).

Muffled voices in the background.

“Grace let me talk, Grace, GRACE!”

Dad’s turn…

“How are you?”

“Great, how are you?”

(Sigh) “I am good, how is school going?”

“Really good.”

(Mom in the background)“Ask her, did she get the grades for her last test?”


“No I didn’t get them yet.”

Mom cuts in,

“Your teachers….” (sound of disapproval) “Why do they take so long to mark?”

“Mom the test was yesterday.”

Dad in the background,

“Don’t bother her, let her study.”


“At least say bye to her. Here, papa wants to say bye.”


“Bye, good luck for your assignment.”


Chorus of goodbyes, like I am being dropped off at the airport.

My family is super entertaining, it’s like being in a drama/comedy TV show; and for those who understand, its like being in an Ekta Kapoor serial.


2 thoughts on “The Phone Call

  1. Nice family sketch Maanya !
    Proud of you as always !!
    Reading your blogs while waiting at the London heathrow airport for my next flight to Toronto .

    Deepak khanna


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