Stuff People Like Me Dream About

Dear Santa,

You always seem to be running behind on my gifts, so this time I will make a list for you well in advance:

  • I am still waiting for my mountain of KitKat. This one is really overdue, I’m sure I asked for this when I was three, and here I am still waiting…18…years…old. This is when I need it most Santa! University can be stressful.
  • I want wings, even though I am afraid of heights, but it’s okay. It would be so cool, I would be famous.
  • More vegetarian/vegan food options on campus!
  • Surface Pro 4. OH MY GOD, I am still hyperventilating. It’s been out for forever now, and I still don’t have one. Unacceptable.
  • Make me smart-please, please, please. I just want to know everything, and be right all the time, and learn with super speed so I don’t have to study. I’d also like to have a wicked presence of mind, and, and, impress the world with my genius.
  • A house in the middle of nowhere. Preferably big, on a waterfall, and surrounded by nature. You know, the green stuff. The birds and animals-no mosquitoes though, or spiders… or bees. Also, no mortgage.
  • A Ferrari. Just cause. No clue why a Ferrari is better than a Corolla, but you know…’s cool.
  • Make me a CEO. They make a lot of money, and no one tells them what to do.
  • A green house. I visited the greenhouse on campus the other day and couldn’t believe the level of awesome that was in there. I just walked in and BOOM! Heaven. The air- it smelled so goooooooood *sigh.* It wasn’t a strong smell. It didn’t smell like flowers or anything. It just smelled…green, fresh, rejuvenating. All the plants were beautiful; I have a plant in my room and I feel so happy just watering it every day. It’s amazing. I talk to it all day and it just listens, and smiles, in its plant- like-way. I just want more of them…in a greenhouse.
  • The ability to read minds, turn invisible when I want (to spy), and disappear and reappear in different locations like a vampire.

And that’s it! See, nothing much. Santa, you need to pick up your game, or people will start to believe you don’t exist. This is not blackmail, it’s friendly advice.


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