Little Sis, Just You Wait, Our Parents Have Things to Say

Dear Grace,

Mom and dad will tell you “beta (which, in Hindi, means son, why? No. Clue.), be careful, if you are around the wrong crowd you won’t know what will happen. You THINK you know who your friends are, but you really don’t and then bad things will happen (okay what does that even mean?). Don’t go out at night, stay safe, and don’t go to parties.” When they say that, because the will, just nod your head and understand that you don’t have to worry about any of it. Focus on what you care about, you will automatically meet the best friends you have ever had, who care about learning and having fun while learning, and then the world will be perfect. Until you get your first marks back, that is.

When you come to university and start all this cool sciency stuff you are going to get exited, and will want to point out all the stuff they say that makes no sense. But whatever you do, DO NOT use the scientific method to explain anything to them. Our parents run on a completely different software that is only programmed to understand the science of Aaj Tak (a really funny Indian news channel, because they are probably making up most of the story -sooooo biased- and why are we watching INDIAN news when we all live in CANADA????).

On the plus side though, (evil smile) I will never have to worry about papa saying “oh look what your sister got in university, 93% and look what you are doing, only 92!”, then mom says “beta, you do whatever you want, as long as you are happy I am happy.” After 2 min or so, mom will add but my dream was that both of my daughters become doctors, imagine Dr. Khanna, look how much weight that adds to your name.” So you have fun with all that, I don’t need to worry about any of it because papa says I am “serious about my studies.” Makes me soooo happy. Thanks papa!

I know you miss me, but it’s alright I am coming for the holidays. We won’t let Santa get away, this will be the year we are going to catch him, I can feel it.

Don’t get into too much trouble without me,

Your sis


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