The Things that Make Our Profs Awesome

Many professors are encouraging us to complete the course evaluations that have just recently opened up. This is our chance to speak up, and tell the university what we think of the courses that we have taken, things we liked and things that could possibly change to make these courses better! So I decided to make a list of 5 things that I like about my Profs and how they make their courses awesome.

Humour – this is the key to student engagement, if we laugh it means we are listening, if we aren’t that’s alright, we will hear others laugh and pay closer attention to the prof so that we don’t miss the next joke. We have taken out the time for that lecture to be there, might as well have a good time, right?

When we matter – I love it when I hear other students talk just as much as the professor, the setting totally changes. It feels more casual and less intimidating, like a community where everyone is excited about what we are learning, and not a factory where information is inserted into our brains as if we are robots.

Group Quizzes – I wish all my courses had this! This was the best part of Bio152. It was nice to see the audience get riled up and excited about a tiny quiz that isn’t even worth much of our mark, but it helps us connect with each other as a student body. We can see and hear each other as this massive group so we all feel like we are in the same boat. It is a big confidence booster to see that I am not the only one who has low grades, everyone else does too and we all want to get better.

Pace – I have been lucky that none of my professors have gone too fast when teaching the material. They are all relaxed taking their time and also covering the material so that we feel like everything is going smoothly. Rushing through material spikes anxiety in me, which is not good, I am here to learn, and I want to enjoy doing it.

How Profs Handle Funny Situations – You know your prof is good when they handle strange situations well. Many of us have been in a lecture when a group of boys have entered their lecture targeting a woman with a weird story, while some guy is recording in the back. It is interesting to see how the person in authority (i.e. our professor) handles that situation. My Profs have been really cool about it, either kicking them out nicely, or telling them to finish whatever it is they are doing and then leave. You get to know your Profs better, when they react to situations they aren’t prepared for.


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