Here Come the 1st Years for Next Year!

Yes, a quarter of the year is already over, exams are coming soon, and before you know it we will no longer be first years, but second year students!!! The high school students have already started coming for the tours.

Looking for volunteer opportunities? Drop by the admissions office to volunteer for taking high school students for tours around the campus, build some leadership skills!

Sunday was the Fall Campus Day, does this bring back some memories? Around the same time last year we were in grade 12 worrying about our first test of the year, which is now pretty much insignificant (we had it much easier in high school!). We were looking for a university to go to, taking campus tours with bags of university brochures and our parents trailing behind us, saying “Honey, this is your day, you go to the presentations that you want to see, we are just here to support you.” Probably you were thinking, I have to start looking NOW? But it’s only the beginning of the year!

That is exactly what I saw on Fall campus day with all the prospective students touring the campus. Can’t say I miss grade 12 though, university is way better. 😀

Now we’re just like, let me get through first year. Just getting ready for the second  round of midterms before exam time comes, and then finally winter break! For most of us residence students, we get to go home, eat real food, go shopping, stay with our families and mostly ignore school for a while before next semester starts.


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