Scream Bloody Mary; we Have a Ghost on Campus!

Once upon a time there was a woman that fell in love with a man. They both married, although soon after the man had to go to war. His wife worried, prayed for his life, and anticipated his return. Although he did return, he no longer cared for her, and decided to break things off with her, leaving her in despair. That night, she killed herself. Her upset spirit was left to wander around campus, her devastation transformed into rage. Vowing to bring death and destruction to anyone that she comes across, she roams around campus, her anger fuelled by those living a happy life around her.

A friend and I decided to go and see this ghost in person. As we entered the dark house we could barely see anything, there was this red light coming towards our right and as we turned to see what was there, there she was! Just waiting for us to enter, dressed in white. Blood of the body parts that littered the floor around her painted her hands and dress in a deep crimson. As we walked on to see what was inside the refrigerator and washing machine we could feel something breathing behind us. We quickly spun around to see what was behind us, and found that she had followed us. Scared, we all froze until she commanded us to go deeper into the house. As we continued onwards the guy in front of us said something like. “Yo, no touching man, that is not cool”, and indeed we were pushed along by many ghosts,  one of them being her husband, demanding to know where his wife was. Through all the screaming, the scary spider, and dead people, we finally we made it out alive.

The haunted house was awesome, the actors, the decorations, and the overall experience was amazing!


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