Things You May Not Know as a First Year

These are some things that came out of conversations from different people on campus, and what shocked me was that there are things here on this list I didn’t know of and things other first year students didn’t know yet either. So here are some extra bits and pieces about the cool stuff found on our campus (we made the right choice coming here!).

  1. When someone tells you that UTM has a deer family on campus, they don’t mean 4 or 5 deer, they mean 120. This is the kind stuff you learn as you walk around campus with Chef Sandeep.
  2. Deer are cool but so are salmon and coyotes, UTM has all three.
  3. Have you guys seen the offices of your professors? The ones on the second floor of the Davis building look really, really fancy.
  4. Don’t be afraid of going into lecture halls if nobody is in there, it’s a quiet space to study (you can never find a place to sit in the library).
  5. Many people are looking for jobs but not many people seem to know that there are many student union jobs they can apply for. Just go to their website (Google UTMSU jobs) which list current job postings, and apply on time! Also, start checking CLN  in February if you are looking for a job next year on campus.
  6. Our university has one of the top 3 library systems in North America, with over 44 libraries with over 141 librarians! We have access to all of these resources.

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