The Wheel of Forune Says: Look, Look, Look Again Until You’ve Lost it!

Time Check – 9:30 Good morning UTM!

Time Check – 9:50 Um… binder, iclicker, t-card, laptop. Open the door, oh! Room Key! Room is locked.——- Wait is the room locked? Go back, push the handle, yup door is locked. Silly girl! At least I checked.

Time Check – 10:00 Oh! I forgot my iclicker. Run upstairs to my room. Lock the door. Done. Check, yup its locked. Damn it! My hands are full: peanuts, nutrigrain bar, chocolate milk, receipt and room key. There, a table! Quickly dove snacks and receipt inside my bag, milk in hand. The sun feels good. Today is going to be a good day I can feel it!

Time Check – 10:10 Alvin Singh guys you don’t need your iclickers today.” Of course not. ———————————————————————–Religion tutorial: no quiz today! Good luck? ———————————————————————————————————————————-Standing in front of my room, whoever said you can never find anything in a woman’s purse was right, where did I put my room key. I usually put it in my back pocket. Empty. Wait, what? No I just have to thoroughly check my bag. I always keep track of my stuff, I can’t lose it. Deep breath…CALM DOWN.

Maybe a I dropped it somewhere on campus? In my religion tutorial? In my Bio tutorial? No and no. At least 3ย walks ย around campus later I thought, Campus Police! Yes! They found a card this morning which they returned to the residence desk!

Wait, what? What do you mean you don’t have the card? I looked outside. Do I want to look one last time? No it was darker, and colder. Residence desk is about to close. I guess I should buy a new one. What does this mean? Bad luck? Destiny? A new beginning? I mean you lose stuff, it’s not the end of the world. Yet.


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