The Arcana Magician says, what are you waiting for? Go find an adventure!

Our campus is a small and comfortable little community in Mississauga, but don’t mistake it for being lacking or even boring, despite its size it can also be quite adventurous. One simply needs to be perceptive and willing to take a bit of a risk. The other day Sadaf (a fellow blogger) and I were strolling along the road that winds by Deerfield hall and towards the student center when towards our left we heard a faint melody coming from the trees, paying closing attention we guessed it was a flute being played. But it was…odd. An instrument being played in the middle of the forest, I mean who does that? The music sounded really, really good though and so we went to investigate, hesitating almost every step of the way. Turns out that there was a bit of an open space between the trees where we found two young women sitting on a fallen tree, one of them playing an Ocharina which she learned after watching an anime and does from time to time to de-stress. Talking with them for a while we learned that she was a tarot card reader!!!!

Now that is just cool. They also gave us a lot of advice on how to survive university, the most important being, if you’re afraid of a bunch of strangers in the middle of the forest and you can’t see them, use your phone camera and zoom in (smart!). 

Because I love supernatural stuff, I love tarot, so here’s my reading: one of the trump cards in the deck is called the magician and the magician is able to wield opportunity and to reach in to the future, grab a hold of potential and turn it into creative power. He has access to everything he needs to complete his purpose, but sometimes access isn’t enough or the purpose isn’t always known, so what’s more is that he has the ability to take notice. We are like the magician, UTM, we have all the access, all the opportunity we need, all we need to do is take notice. So take notice UTM, be aware of your surroundings and maybe find something you don’t find every day. 


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