Holy Cow! School is Upon us and WOW is it Heavy

Maanya Khanna

Please click this link for a much cooler version of the stuff written below: HolyCow 

This Is Your To Do List:

1)Wake UP!!!! You’re Running Late

2) Readings: Yes I just finished the first Chapter! Oh wait… I have four other courses. What about next week and the week after that? Do I have three hours to read a single chapter?

3)Labs? Uh oh forgot about that… completely.

4)Essays, Quizzes, and Discussion Board Comments: keep it coming I am getting bored here (tired).

5) Is that Archery Club? Damn I don’t think I can shoot with my eyes closed.

6) Community meeting/Res meeting: do I HAAAVE to?But it’s 8:30 at night?!

7) Down Here!! Must… procrastinate…


Things To Help Carry the Weight:

  1. Start Counting Down folks, I DARE you. The Countdown app is sooo scary today, but makes dealing with tomorrow a whole lot easier (aand a little smug:). Helps you countdown the days left before the assignment with Wacky Widgets, time follows you everywhere you go, super creepy, super effective.
  2. Cheat on studying, get a Dopamine Rush! Exercise, trust me, you’re happier, smarter, and more productive. I came back from dance thinking I wasted two hours of studying time, what took me 3 hours before took me 1 hour to do, and I was so happy it didn’t even feel like studying!

3) Green!!!!!!! Green is the colour of creativity! Out of ideas?? Take a walk around campus, study outside, look for deer! You’ll think of something.

4) Bother your parents and get some good study tools: HEY moooom can you buy me some doritos? chocolate milk? Carrots? can you do my laundry? every week :D?

5) Play video games, watch youtube videos, dance: Take regular breaks from studying/restart your brain.

Did I miss anything? Post a comment!


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