Hippopotamuses (And the Campus Deer) Don’t Believe in God

Someone has probably told you that you should get “involved”, join clubs and societies, and go out to events, and many benefits are listed. To be told that you will meet new people and make new friends is not an uncommon justification. I tried this out, I went to go see what Dr. Andy Bannister had to say about the Challenge of the Atheist. Oh my God it is so refreshing to see someone so openly talk about what he passionately believes in, especially about a topic such as this (and with an incredibly awesome English accent). He raised some very thought provoking questions. This is what he said:

  1. Atheists tend to define themselves as people that do not believe in God
  • It is associated with identity, if so it’s not very affective since hippopotamuses don’t believe in God either, nor do rocks.
  1. What are our origins?
  • Theory of evolution?
  • He went so far as to claim that the scientific method is false and that scientists do what religious people do as well to search for the truth: look at all the possibilities and look for the best one based on what makes the most sense. (This I find interesting since every class I have attended has treated empirical evidence as the most valuable and reliable thing in the world.)
  1. What is the meaning of life?
  • If there is no God can we create our own meaning?
  • Dr. Bannister argues that we really can’t, sure we can create a false meaning but doesn’t really explain the real purpose and that creating a new meaning implies there is no real meaning to life in the first place.
  1. What is our destiny?
  • Some atheists believe that there is simply a non-existence after we die, saying that someday all of the universe will be destroyed and that no matter what we accomplish it won’t really matter. Yikes! All of this ground breaking science won’t matter, if we someday make it to Saturn that won’t matter, you or I definitely don’t matter.

I didn’t know religion was a topic that I could engage with here, but apparently it is. I did meet new people, people that were intensely passionate about what they believe, I learned about many new perspectives, and I had very interesting conversations. University is its own mini universe with different worlds within it, and we are not restricted to go out to visit them like we are mars.

This was an event hosted by Power to Change and if you are interested there next event is called a God for All Cultures, on Tuesday Sept. 29 at Spigel Hall in the Davis building at 5pm.

If you are an atheist, a strong believer in science, a religious person, a person, an alien, or even a hippopotamus, and have something to say about this topic, please comment, I would love to hear what you have to say!


Holy Cow! School is Upon us and WOW is it Heavy

Maanya Khanna

Please click this link for a much cooler version of the stuff written below: HolyCow 

This Is Your To Do List:

1)Wake UP!!!! You’re Running Late

2) Readings: Yes I just finished the first Chapter! Oh wait… I have four other courses. What about next week and the week after that? Do I have three hours to read a single chapter?

3)Labs? Uh oh forgot about that… completely.

4)Essays, Quizzes, and Discussion Board Comments: keep it coming I am getting bored here (tired).

5) Is that Archery Club? Damn I don’t think I can shoot with my eyes closed.

6) Community meeting/Res meeting: do I HAAAVE to?But it’s 8:30 at night?!

7) Down Here!! Must… procrastinate…


Things To Help Carry the Weight:

  1. Start Counting Down folks, I DARE you. The Countdown app is sooo scary today, but makes dealing with tomorrow a whole lot easier (aand a little smug:). Helps you countdown the days left before the assignment with Wacky Widgets, time follows you everywhere you go, super creepy, super effective.
  2. Cheat on studying, get a Dopamine Rush! Exercise, trust me, you’re happier, smarter, and more productive. I came back from dance thinking I wasted two hours of studying time, what took me 3 hours before took me 1 hour to do, and I was so happy it didn’t even feel like studying!

3) Green!!!!!!! Green is the colour of creativity! Out of ideas?? Take a walk around campus, study outside, look for deer! You’ll think of something.

4) Bother your parents and get some good study tools: HEY moooom can you buy me some doritos? chocolate milk? Carrots? can you do my laundry? every week :D?

5) Play video games, watch youtube videos, dance: Take regular breaks from studying/restart your brain.

Did I miss anything? Post a comment!



Maybe I am a bit too old to think of myself as a make believe character but using my imagination is where I find my liberty. I like to tell myself that up in my head I can be anyone and do anything I want, unfettered from any made-up persona or the rules and regulations of this universe.  So today I feel like a superhero, and maybe you can join me.

I am a quiet, ordinary girl that shares similar dreams with many others I’m sure. I mean, who doesn’t want a good job, a sustainable life and ultimately happiness? I have lived for seventeen years and for 14 of those years I have been training, in other words going to school in the hope of becoming something and forging an identity for myself. I am not big and green or able shoot spider webs from my wrist but I do have a keen ability that allows me to gather information. My brain is constantly at work gathering, analysing, and storing data. I am constantly stealing information from the books I read. Preferring to spend time alone I like to simply contemplate. If someone starts up a conversation with me I automatically begin to divert the conversation from myself to the other person. You can think of me as an introvert, but today I’ll call myself the Black Hole. But what happens when the little town of Bradford is no longer enough for this super hero?

Well, what about a university, where knowledge is abundant and there is always something new to learn? So she applies to three universities Western, Mcmaster, and because she  needed a minimum of three, UTM. Seriously, she googled the first university that popped in her head other than the first two mentioned above and scrolled through its programs; forensic science sounded cool so she applied. She rejected Western and Mcmaster rejected her. What was left? UTM. But no hero’s journey is complete without a mentor (after all, a hero never volunteers, he/she must be convinced). So along came destiny’s letter which sent her on her way to UTM’s mentorship program. One of the most important things she learned everyone? Yes, ladies and gentleman, the professors do speak English, she sat through two classes: biology and abnormal psychology and loved it! It was very similar to high school in terms of being able to understand the material with the addition of a sort of independance swirling through the air. She went on a radio show, met lots of friendly people that gave very helpful advice, including Director Tracy Rogers that was kind enough to give some of her time, and that settled it, I  was going to UTM!!

Since then I have received a whole lot of help, the university made it really difficult to feel disoriented with the step-by-step processes that were emailed to us, as well as the help provided by the office of registrar. I absolutely cannot wait to start! I mean has it hit you yet? University! For a lot of us that means independence, it means greater freedom in what you want to learn, and meeting people from all over the world! I like to tell myself that up in my head I can be anyone and do anything I want. So today I feel like a superhero, and maybe you do too because it no longer just needs to be in our head. Ladies and gentleman we are now officially eagles and nobody can stop us from saving the world anymore. Nobody can tell us that we are just kids, because we’re not anymore, we could cure cancer, prove everyone wrong and build the first time machine, or finding something that doesn’t exist. So congratulations eagles look how far we made it!

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